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2007 Juno’s Recap

Congratulations to Stephen Fearing who took home a Juno this year for “Yellowjacket”. This is a well deserved award for Stephen, and a great album. Way to go Stephen!

We would like to congratulate all of the True North Recording artists who were nominated for a Juno award this year. It takes a lot of hard work to have a successful album and receive a nomination, and we are very proud of all of our 2007 Juno Nominees.

Hunter Valentine

Hunter Valentine
made a big splash in the Canadian Music Scene with their debut release of “The Impatient Romantic”. To celebrate their new Full Length, we hosted a Record Release party at the Reverb on April 3rd. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show, it was a great success, the venue was busy and the place was buzzing.

Hunter Valentine’s video “Typical” on MuchMusic!
Please click here and fill out the form to request the new single!

Feel free to take a look at Hunter Valentine’s new Myspace page, add them as a friend and share your thoughts on the new release.

Bruce Cockburn

The Cover art for Bruce Cockburn’s “Breakfast in New Orleans Dinner In Timbuktu” has been selected to be put on display at the MOMA’s Fifty Years Of Helvetica Art Exhibit (Museum Of Modern Art, NYC)

Bruce Cockburn is gearing up for a busy summer as he continues to play a ton of dates and tour in support of his most recent release “Life Short, Call Now”. We are adding more and more dates to his schedule daily, for more info please visit his Tour Calendar here.

The Golden Dogs

Just coming off of their second tour of Canada, The Golden Dogs have three brand new dates, click here for more info...

Click here for some more exciting news on The Golden Dogs, as well as a link to see their new video for "Construction Worker" as well as a link to request the video on Much Music, as it is in Medium Rotation already!

Joel Kroeker

Joel Kroeker is making a name for himself on the College Radio Music Charts.

Click here to visit the True North Records Youtube.com channel and you can view all of Joel's new music Videos!

Please be on the lookout for some brand new promotions we will be running all summer through our new True North Records Online Store!

New Releases on the way from True North Records.

Hanson is back with a brand new album called “The Walk” (July 10, 2007)

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - “Let’s Frolic Again” (May 1, 2007)

Hunter Valentine - "The Impatient Romantic" (April 3, 2007)

BRIAN AUGERS AND THE OBLIVION EXPRESS - "Looking In The Eyes Of The World" (May 5, 2007)

MICHAEL OCCHIPINTI - "Chasing After Light" (April 10, 2007)

For a full listing of what we have scheduled for release, please click here.


Tour Schedule for TN recording artists

New Tour dates have been added to our site for many of our artists, including the following.

**Please note, that you must use the calender on the right hand side of the Artist Page to view artist specific dates. You can scroll from month to month, and all days that the artist(s) are playing will be highlighted in green.**

Bruce Cockburn

The Golden Dogs

Blackie and The Rodeo Kings

Hunter Valentine

Michael Occhipinti

Joel Kroeker

...and many more, for a full listing of our artist Tour Dates, please click here.

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