Artist Catalogue / The Children

The Children never released an album in their two–year career, yet they left behind a rich legacy of live and demo recordings. Exploring their limits and finding there were none, the Children produced songs of astonishing variety — music both raw and beautiful.

In this collection you will hear rock, pop, garage, punk, jug band, blues, country, bluegrass and psychedelia. The Ottawa supergroup was comprised of several notable singer–songwriters whose careers continue to the present day.

Chris Anderson — drums/percussion
Bruce Cockburn — keyboards/guitar/harmonica/vocals
Sandy Crawley — guitar/autoharp/vocals
William Hawkins — guitar/vocals
Peter Hodgson — bass/guitar/vocals
Richard Patterson — drums/percussion
Neville Wells — guitar/bass/vocals
David Wiffen — guitar/vocals

Artist Discography
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