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Snowbird - The Songs of Gene MacLellan Cover Art
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Won't Talk About Love
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The Call
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Continental Blues
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Just Want To Be Loved By You
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Shilo Song
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If It's Alright With You
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Face In The Mirror
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Thorn in My Shoe
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Put Your Hand in the Hand
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Artist Catalogue / Various Artists / Snowbird - The Songs of Gene MacLellan

Snowbird - The Songs of Gene MacLellan
October 22, 2013
True North Records
Album Information
One of the first to be inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame,
Gene MacLellan was one of the most gifted songwriters to come out of Canada.
MacLellan wrote such classic international hits as “Snowbird” recorded by Anne Murray and “Put Your Hand In The Hand” by Ocean, both earning GRAMMY Awards for the artists that covered them. Elvis Presley, Joan Baez and Bing Crosby were among the many
other artists who recorded MacLellan’s songs.
Tragically MacLellan struggled with mental illness, contributing to his suicide in January 1995. Nearly two decades after his death, some of the many musicians he influenced gathered to celebrate the songs he left etched onto their hearts and record A Tribute To Gene MacLellan at the church of his funeral in Prince Edward Island.
Artists contributing include Gene’s daughter Catherine MacLellan — herself an acclaimed singer–songwriter — as well as iconic East Coast songwriters Ron Hynes and Lennie Gallant, both of whom had performed with MacLellan before his passing.
Recorded and broadcast nationally by CBC TV and Radio, the audio
recording and performances were of such high calibre that True North Records licensed the rights to compile and issue them on
an album

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