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Mercurachrome Blues
You Aint No Good
Like A Little Bird
Just A Boy
Empty Barrel
Keeping The Mosquitoes Away
Wheres The One?
Colour Blind

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Artist Catalogue / Canadafrica / Wheres The One

Wheres The One
October 8, 2013
Borealis Records
Album Information
Mike Stevens and Okaidja Afroso, two passionate musicians from very different backgrounds, bring their talents together with their debut album, “Where is the One?” This innovative record reveals how beautifully the sounds of the harmonica complements Ghanaian melodies. Mike Stevens and Okaidja Afroso have both been pioneers in their respective genres for decades. With “Where is the One?” they have joined their diverse influences and experiences together to craft an album that is as distinct as the cultures that they were raised in. Here you will encounter the essence of Ghana’s Gold Coast intertwined with the deep roots of Folk and Blues music of North America.

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Wheres The One