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Clover Cover Art
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Wild West Rain
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Powell River
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Lone Wolf
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Mary Don't Go
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You Had Me
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Saintly Stare
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Hour North
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I'll Be
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Count On
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May 21, 2013
Album Information
"The clover still grows, round the meadow though it snows" — "Clover"

The triumphs upon choosing a life in music are few and far between. And as many know, finding your own unique and compelling voice is almost as rare as finding a four leaf clover.

Thankfully, although through heartache and iron fists, Jadea Kelly has discovered her voice — an intriguing marriage of old and new. Built with heavy orchestration, darker organ pads, layered harmonies and sonic space — Clover presents a startlingly drastic, yet unified, musical shift for Jadea Kelly in 2013 — a unique union of Iris De Ment's vocal ache with heavy Portishead ambience and percussion.

Clover was recorded at the Woodshed Studio in Toronto and produced by Stew Crookes — known for his work with Hawksley Workman, Doug Paisley and One Hundred Dollars — and tracked in analog to 2 inch tape.

"For a majority of the band — including myself — this was the first time in our recording history that we had tracked without the trance of a glowing computer screen," says Jadea. "Instead of judging a song based on how it appears and physically looks on screen, we closed our eyes and chose a take on how it felt."

Inspired and named after her grandfather's farm in rural Ontario, Clover touches on the interconnected relationship between farming and working as a musician — and her hope to have a life in music. Although raised in suburban Whitby Ontario, the Kelly family have worked and sacrificed on this land for three generations — and it is on this farm that Jadea composed the majority of Clover.

"Much like farming, working as a touring musician offers little financial reward — nor does it provide a guaranteed retirement. Despite this, I am fully dedicated. It is my passion and it is stitched into the very fabric of my being. Whether performing in a large hall or sowing a field with seeds, both professions are a calling and a require love of land and love of art."

The album artwork provides an additional visual understanding of Jadea and of Clover. The front and back album panels depict a painted wolf and crow, both decorated with green clover. Both animals, long villainized throughout history, are present within the lyrics on such tracks as "Lone Wolf" and "I'll Be".

"Lone wolf don’t hunt like he used to. Sinks his teeth with a jaw loose" — "Lone Wolf"

Jadea Kelly will kick off the release with a small promotional tour in Canada, followed by tours in North America and Europe in the fall/winter of 2013 and 2014.

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