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White Linen (Vinyl) Cover Art
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Little One
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Edge Of December
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Hit The Floor
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Peace Of Mind
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Cold Chill
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White Linen
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Stars Align
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Empty Pockets
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Dawson City
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Patriot Song
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Artist Catalogue / The John Henrys / White Linen (Vinyl)

White Linen (Vinyl)
November 2, 2010
Linus Entertainment
Album Information
This limited edition 180g 'White' vinyl release includes a digital download card featuring all tracks from the original, full-length CD.

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In addition, this special, limited edition vinyl release will include a digital download card featuring all tracks from the original, full-length CD.

One of the most highly touted Americana artists is actually Canadiana. The John Henrys spent most of 2009 in the studio recording their latest self-produced album “White Linen”. “White Linen” contains songs about betrayal, pain and moving through life. “We are a rock band that writes main stream songs with credibility; songs that go against the grain. Our sound is more urban with a roots flare”, explains Rey Sabatin, lead vocalist of The John Henrys. Relentless touring through 2008 and 2009 in the US has built a strong fan base and resulted in the band charting as high as #15 on the Americana Charts.

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White Linen (Vinyl)
White Linen
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