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Windy Mountain
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Did You Ever
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All Day Rain
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Full Moon Rider
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Another Perfect Day
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See You Again
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Artist Catalogue / Luke Gibson / Another Perfect Day

Another Perfect Day
October 12, 2010
True North Records
Big Pink 61
Album Information
Canadian music in the 60s was transformed by a tiny revolution of sound happening in Toronto’s Yorkville Village area – a hip hangout where the young scenesters of the decade discovered a slew of blue-eyed soul and blues bands who were leading a charge that mirrored what bands like The Doors and The Byrds were bringing to the forefront stateside.

Luke Gibson is one of the seminal performers to emerge from the scene. Another Perfect Day captures Gibson’s debut solo foray into folk & country rock that is a clear extension of his previous work with two highly influential Canadian bands, Luke and The Apostles and Kensington Market.

This special reissue of one of the original True North Records titles is an essential album for any aficionado of Canadian music. The re-issue on CD is true to the sound of its first 1970 vinyl issue, and the digital album will include two bonus tracks - the Luke and The Apostles tracks “You Make Me High” and b-side “Not Far Off” previously only available as a 7” vinyl 45 RPM single.

Luke and The Apostles is continually revered as one of the most enigmatic bands of the era, both for its energetic brand of organ-filled electric blues music and the lore around it’s relatively brief but brilliant career which only saw the release of two singles.

After producing a single for them, legendary Elektra Records producer Paul Rothchild is reported to have once lamented that Luke & The Apostles were the "greatest album I never got to make". Gibson and the band now have their collective place in Canadian music history as some of the most soulful musicians of the 60s.

Don’t miss Gibson’s talents this time around when Another Perfect Day is re-released on October 12, 2010.

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Another Perfect Day