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Fall for Beauty Cover Art
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Something Beautiful
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Fearless Heart
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I Will
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3 Chords And Truth
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Cracked And Broken
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Little Bird
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Love Doesn't Hurt
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Save Me
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Let The Sun Have Its Day
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Artist Catalogue / Lynn Miles / Fall for Beauty

Fall for Beauty
January 8, 2011
True North Records
Album Information
“Mile’s take on melancholy comes in every shade of conceivable blue the main focus being ‘lost love’. Miles’ studiously crafted lyrics always possess a ‘been there, done that’ authenticity…Having reviewed albums for some three decades, in any one year only a handful of albums truly deserve the maximum accolade of five stars. If everything were fair in this flawed human existence, Fall For Beauty would (at least) be a six.” - Maverick Magazine

“Canadian songbird Lynn Miles sings lusciously on her fifth country-tinged, folk-pop album (Love Sweet Love). Smart lyrics abound as she expounds on love lost and gained, sketched with dark hues and rising tempos.” - Billboard Magazine

Lynn has cracked both the Top 10 on the CFUV chart and Top 3 on their Folk/Roots/Blues Top 10!


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There is something to be said for experience, for taking the time to grow into your own skin. All sturdy things need time to root firmly into the ground to find their strength.

Lynn Miles is one of Canada’s most accomplished singer/songwriters. With seven albums to her credit, the winner of multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards, and a 2003 Juno Award for Roots & Traditional Solo Album of the Year, she has certainly found her strength over time.

Through a career that has seen her move from Ottawa to Los Angeles and back again, with stops in Nashville and Austin, she has always written music with unbridled feeling and vulnerability. Miles has consistently been unflinching in putting herself out there. Now with her eighth studio offering Fall For Beauty the voice of her experience has truly elevated her songwriting to its richest depth of emotion.

While her melodies undulate between traditional country and folk roots, on Fall For Beauty, it’s her sensitivity to the world around her that pours itself directly into Miles’ music to make it stand out.

“Love Doesn’t Hurt” was written as an emotional plea for people in abusive relationships. “I wrote this song after watching Oprah do a show about domestic violence. She kept repeating ‘love doesn’t hurt’, and even though I’ve written plenty of songs about how emotionally painful love can be, I wanted to put this crucial idea right up there beside my other songs, for balance, and clarity.” says Miles.

“I’ve been playing the song live and have been approached by several people who work at women’s shelters who tell me it’s a powerful song, and that they want to play it for their clients. There’s no better compliment than that.”

Therein is the powerful secret behind Miles’ music - her astute observations of life, its trials and triumphs, are the hallmark of sincerity in her music. The gritty honesty of her music never falters – neither does her unshakeable ability to make even the most melancholy lyrics sound as if they are brimming with hope and grace.

“Little Bird” infuses her lyrics with an assertive and encouraging voice. “I wrote this song after reading ‘In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts’ by Gabor Mate. It’s the best book on addiction and articulates the need for compassion when dealing with addictions. The song about what I call The X Factor, the initial source of pain that can cause a person to seek solace in alcohol and drugs.”

Lynn Miles is a musician in the rarest sense of the word, an unmistakable talent, an eye for both the subtle and sweet that can only be unearthed with experience.

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