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Live: Intimate and Interactive (DVD) Cover Art
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1. Army Ants (1998)
2. Fire In The Head (1998)
3. Release (1998)
4. Transmission (1998)
5. Save Me (1998)
6. Sister Awake (1998)
7. Temptation (1998)
8. Psychopomp (1998)
9. Temptation (2000)
10. The Messenger (2000)
11. Sister Awake (2000)

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Artist Catalogue / The Tea Party / Live: Intimate and Interactive (DVD)

Live: Intimate and Interactive (DVD)
September 25, 2007
Linus Entertainment
Album Information
With a career spanning 15 years and 8 major label releases, The Tea Party have successfully gained the attention of fans on a worldwide level, selling over 1.6 million records worldwide as well as touring a countless number of times through Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia. Much of this success can be attributed to the incredible live performances they give, combining great artistry and musicianship with a wide variety of instruments and sound.

Although they have found success on an international level, these iconic rockers cannot ignore the cult-like following in their native country. In Canada alone, The Tea Party have secured 4 double-platinum, 1 platinum and 4 gold albums over the span of their career. In addition to this success, The Tea Party have received 22 MuchMusic Video Award nominations including three People's Choice Awards for Favourite Music Video; two for "The River" and one for "The Bazaar".

Available for the first time on DVD, The Tea Party are captured during their 1998 MuchMusic Intimate & Interactive performance shortly after the release of their highly praised ‘Transmission’ album. This previously unreleased footage features live performances of many of their well known hits including “Save Me”, “Fire in the Head” and “Temptation” as well as additional interviews recorded from the MuchMusic headquarters, making this DVD is a must have for any Tea Party fan.

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