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Hi, How Are You Today? Cover Art
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1. Beton's Delight
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2. Sleepy Maggie
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3. Rusty D-con-STRUCK-tion
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4. The Devil In the Kitchen
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5. MacDougall's Pride
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6. Spoonboy
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7. What An Idiot He Is
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8. Sophia's Pipes
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9. Sad Wedding Day
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10. Wing-stock
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11. Hills of Glenorchy
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12. Brenda Subbert
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13. Sleepy Maggie - The Sandman Mix (Bonus Tr...
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14. Sleepy Maggie - The Deep Sleep Mix (Bonus...
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15. Sleepy Maggie - The BKS Chameleon Boom Mi...
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16. Sleepy Maggie - The BKS Chameleon Boom Mi...
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Artist Catalogue / Ashley MacIsaac / Hi, How Are You Today?

Hi, How Are You Today?
August 3, 2004
Linus Entertainment
Album Information
Alternately considered a rebel, taking the old fiddling conventions in newfangled directions they were never meant to go, or a champion, reforging and recreating Celtic music with an updated, mass-appeal quality, MacIsaac has unarguably put his own spin on the sounds he was brought up with. This headstrong approach has led to MacIsaac working with an impressive array of talent: David Byrne, the Chieftans, Mary Jane Lamond, and others. Already considered something of a local legend and prodigy by the time of his impressive 1992 debut Close To The Floor, MacIsaac was not really introduced to Canadian audiences at large until he released the genre-bending Hi!, How Are You Today? in 1995.

Along with nation-wide radio play for the first single, "Sleepy Maggie," featuring the dream-like Gaelic vocals of Mary Jane Lamond, and a regular slot on Canadian video channel MuchMusic, MacIsaac was soon recognized coast-to-coast as something of a minor national icon.

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