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Through The Storm Through The Night Cover Art
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1. Moon Follow Me Home
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2. When the Carnival Ends
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3. Out of the Wilderness
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4. No Rest for the Wicked
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5. Reason of the Rhyme
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6. The Last Time
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7. Waiting Is Over
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8. You'll Be Mine
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9. Homesick in My Own Backyard
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10. You Are Here
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11. Devil Music
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12. Precious Lord, Take My Hand
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13. Sad & Beautiful World
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Artist Catalogue / Colin Linden / Through The Storm Through The Night

Through The Storm Through The Night
December 2, 2008
True North Records
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Remember *** 'Through The Storm Through The Night' also comes in a 4-disc Box Set - The Columbia Years

Colin Linden is a Canadian singer/songwriter (he penned 10 of 13 on this disc) and blues guitarist who keeps growing in stature. This disc takes the best sound of the Band (the opener "Moon Follow Me Home") and mixes in some of the witty, intelligent sensibility of Jesse Winchester ("When the Carnival Ends"), excellent electric blues guitar playing, and the soul and gospel resonance of the Staple Singers. There are many switches and change-ups along the way, none thrown in just to shift; there isn't an extraneous cut on this disc. ~ Allmusicguide

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Through The Storm Through The Night
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