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The Sicilian Jazz Project Cover Art
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1. The Almond Sorters
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2. Ciuri ciuri
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3. Vitti 'na crozza
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4. Jolla
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5. Nun ti lassu
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6. Cantu ri li scugghitura
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7. The Sulphur Miner
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8. The Ribbon Dancers
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9. Nnuena
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Artist Catalogue / Michael Occhipinti / The Sicilian Jazz Project

The Sicilian Jazz Project
June 13, 2008
True North Records
Album Information
The Sicilian Jazz Project has been dazzling audiences since its performance debut at the 2004 Distillery Jazz Festival in Toronto, and with itís intriguing mix of traditional Sicilian folk songs arranged and presented in modern jazz, it is a musical project like no other.

The brainchild of JUNO Award nominee Michael Occhipinti, The Sicilian Jazz Project features some of Canadaís finest Jazz musicians and Italian traditional vocalists, including Roberto Occhipinti, Ernie Tollar, Dominic Mancuso, Kevin Turcotte, Louis Simao, and Barry Romberg.

The Sicilian Jazz Projectís January 2007 performance at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto for CBCís On Stage Series was one of the most talked about concerts broadcast by the network, which along with selective sold out dates has built sizable anticipation and demand in the jazz and Italian community for the debut Sicilian Jazz Project album. Michael and The Sicilian Jazz Project are confirmed at Jazz Festivals across Canada this summer.

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