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Against Myself
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King of Hearts
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Closer to the Flame
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The Good Stuff
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Sacred Heart
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Remember the Song
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Hymn Number One
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You Feel It
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As the Drive In
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Guide Us Home
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Nothing But the Stars
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These Quiet Streets
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Déjà vu
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Artist Catalogue / Joel Kroeker / Closer To The Flame

Closer To The Flame
February 13, 2007
Album Information
“I wrote this album on a 100,000 mile journey that I began over fifteen years ago. There's blood in these songs both blue and deep red. As there is in any genuine offering, my wish is that some of this music resonates deep in the soul and offers a torch as you find the courage to keep walking your own path.” - Joel Kroeker

Recorded with producer Danny Greenspoon, Closer to the Flame is the follow-up to Joel Kroeker’s 2004 True North Records debut album, Melodrama. As with its predecessor, Closer to the Flame--in particular “Against Myself,” “King of Hearts,” and the title track, features all those musical and songwriting skills we associate with great artists.

Critical acclaim of Melodrama from Canada’s media was exceptional:
"If there's a story so far this year in the Canadian music industry, it's Joel Kroeker. -The Calgary Sun (Mike Bell)

"Kroeker is joining a growing list of prominent male singer-songwriters like Ron Sexsmith and Hawksley Workman" - The Star Phoenix (Cam Fuller)

Following the release of Melodrama, the Vancouver-based singer/songwriter shared stages across Canada with Sarah Harmer, Hawksley Workman, Colin Linden, Paul Kelly, Randy Bachman and many others. As well, his songs were covered by such respected Canadian artists as Patricia O’Callaghan, Lee Aaron, Pavlo, Deekaye Ibomeka, and Jonas (a Kroeker co-write “Let It Ride” is featured on Jonas’ album Suite Life).

One of the big hits in Quebec this past year has been “Déjà Vu,” a remarkable French/English duet written and performed by Joel and Dany Bédar. The song is featured on “Closer to the Flame” as a bonus track.