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Staten Island Dream Tour
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Break This
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Van City
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Jimmy Dean
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Wait And See
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The Problem With Devotion
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Rotting Love Guts
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My Private Battle
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Lying Through Her Teeth
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Artist Catalogue / Hunter Valentine / The Impatient Romantic

The Impatient Romantic
April 3, 2007
Album Information
The debut album "The Impatient Romantic" from Hunter Valentine "will leave you bruised, battered and blubbering, and just as soon you catch your breath you’ll want to go through the whole thing again.The Impatient Romantic deserves no words less than stunning, astonishing and unbelievable. Album opener “Typical” is a furious tangle of McCloskey’s husky energies, while “The Problem With Devotion” and “Rotting Love Guts,” despite the song title, both see Hunter Valentine mellowing out but never losing the halo of thorns that orbits around every beat this trio pound out. The Impatient Romantic is the sound of nervous breakdowns and broken romances, of whiskey shots at two a.m. and clenched fists, and one that shows what so many have figured about Hunter Valentine already: that they are a band to fall in love with."(Liz Worth Exclaim)

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The Impatient Romantic