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Southern Jumbo Cover Art
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Southern Jumbo
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That Was Me
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Which Way Does the M & O Run?
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I Give Up
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Sugar Mine
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Might as Well Enjoy the Rain
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Bucket of Soul
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Train Left an Hour Ago
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Hook’s in the Water
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Test Song
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Dog Catcher
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Back Door to Heaven
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Go Back Old Devil (Bonus Track)
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Artist Catalogue / Colin Linden / Southern Jumbo

Southern Jumbo
March 1, 2005
True North Records
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Southern Jumbo is a culmination of Colin Linden's efforts over a quarter century to perfect his craft. With Southern Jumbo, as a songwriter, producer, guitarist and singer, Linden has successfully integrated the roots musics he has been intoxicated with from the age of eleven into a body of work that is emotionally mature, stylistically diverse and, ultimately, extraordinarily moving. The journey along the way has been fascinating.

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