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Avoid Freud Cover Art
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It's A Jungle
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Highschool Confidential
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Lie Back, Let Me Do...
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Physical Violence
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I Can't Take It
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What's The Furour About The Fuhrer?
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Fashion Victim
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Emotional Blackmail
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Grade B Movie
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Avoid Freud
November 30, -0001
True North Records
Album Information
Rough Trades double-platinum selling album that includes the hit High School Confidential.

Sexual politics is what this Canadian band is about, as its debut makes plain. The roles singer Carole Pope adopts range from "a blonde, cool, scheming bitch" being "stalked by teenaged Brandos in the halls" in the powerhouse "High School Confidential" to a terrified gunpoint victim in "Hostage" to a tigress in "It's a Jungle." Pope's stridency can't obscure the ambition and brutal honesty of the band she dominated with Kevan Staples. It's a promising start, but not for the timid.

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